Winners 2011


Year/ID: 2011 / B19011G11
Group: ​B Press
Subgroup: B19 Drinks
Award: Golden Drum
Product and services category: Amundsen VodkaRegistrant: OGILVY PRAGUECountry: CZECH REPUBLICBrand name: Amundsen VodkaAdvertising agency, city: Ogilvy PragueArt director: Dmitri LebedevCopywriter: Martin DemartiniCreative director: Tomáš Belko, Will Rust
Creative idea explanation: It is generally perceived, that vodka is getting better and purer with each distillation cycle. Amundsen is the only six times distilled vodka on the market. Rather than long explanations we created very simple visual riddle that illustrated how one can reach perfection in exactly six subsequent steps. We translated these six steps into small changes in facial features of world's dictators with unexpectedly good result. Using portraits of world's dictators as a topic was linked to high visibility, engagement and increased motivation to look closely and solve the riddle.