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Golden Drum New Europe Hall of Fame

A wall is just a wall. But whoever’s name is inscribed on it, briefly brushes against immortality. Then a wall becomes The Wall.

We are humbled and honoured to welcome Günseli Ocakoğlu, Editor in Chief of Marketing Türkiye, President of MMI Türkiye, to the Golden Drum New Europe Hall of Fame.

Günseli Ocakoğlu, first lady of Golden Drum Ambassadors’ corps, is leading the most important Turkish marketing and advertising magazine Marketing Türkiye.

She is a heroine on the front for the affirmation and integration of Turkish economy and advertising industry into contemporary European and global marketing world.

Marketing Türkiye opened windows and doors into competitive and friendly arena of New Europe, to Golden Drum recognitions and prestigious awards. And Turkish creatives challenged back Golden Drum creative society with their talents, energy and the culture of two continents.

The award at Studio Drum ex-tempore Golden Drum film director’s show, many golden drums, New European agency of the year, the winner of the Golden Rose were the jewels in the Turkish crown for which is worthy of esteem the big contribution of Günseli Ocakoğlu.

Three brilliant organizations of The Intercontinental Advertising Cup in Istanbul, the common project of three world festivals and Golden Drum are written in the chronicle of the Turkish creative advertising industry and contribute into modern society en general.

In Portorož she is also known as prominent ambassador and excellent host at Turkish national parties.

As a successful promoter of the Golden Drum’s motto “Sharp competition, good school, crazy party and devilish challenge” she deserved the golden recognition on the marble wall of Golden Drum Hall of Fame.

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Günseli Ocakoğlu
Editor in Chief of Marketing Türkiye, President of MMI Türkiye

Günseli Özen Ocakoğlu, has acquired her bachelor's degree from Istanbul University, Journalism and Public Relations Institute, and her master's degree from Istanbul University, School of Business Administration, Institute of Business and Economics. She always enjoyed, in her own words, "learning and sharing that learned knowledge". She has based her career on this sentence. Günseli is the Chief Editor of Marketing Türkiye, the President of Marketing & Management Institute Turkey and an economy columnist for the Turkish Newspaper Zaman.

She has been rewarded with many awards and recognitions throughout her career, some of these in the year of 2015 include "The Best Sectorial Magazine's Chief Editor" by Arel University. Günseli is also writer of several professional books and the mother of Duygu Su Ocakoğlu, to whom she dedicated all her books."

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