Eligibility & Conditions


General Conditions

1. The Golden Drum New Europe competition is open to all agencies, advertisers, clients, design or production houses, TV stations, media and other parties involved in the creation or production of marketing communications registered in the following countries: Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. 

2. All entries must have been aired/published/implemented for the first time between 1 January 2013 and 19 August 2014 4 September 2014. Entries must not have been entered in the Golden Drum competition in previous years.

3. Entry deadline: 19 August 2014. Extended entry deadline: 4 September 2014. Entries cannot be cancelled or withdrawn from the festival for any reason after 6 September 2014.

4. Entries cannot be submitted without the prior consent of the advertiser/owner of the copyrights of the advertisement.

5. The quality of entries submitted and ownership of entry copyrights are the sole responsibility of each entrant. Entrants release the Festival organiser of any responsibilities to any and all third parties.

Competition Eligibility

6. Each advertisement, event or campaign constitutes one entry. An individual entry may only be registered once in the same group.

7. If entrants wish to submit the same entry into two or more groups, each submission must contain an explanation of up to 50 words describing why the entry is being submitted to a particular group. If the entry is in the form of a film, the explanation should be inserted into the film as the first slide.

8. If there are several entrants associated with the same entry, the latter is considered a joint entry. If the entry is submitted as such, the associated entrants shall be allotted points proportionately (i.e. if a work with two entrants receives 10 points, each entrant shall receive half or 5 points).

9. If an entry has been created with a contribution from other entrant companies and this contribution is deemed smaller, these other entrant companies may be registered in countries other than those listed in Point 1 of the Eligibility Rules & Conditions. Other entrant companies may be credited for their contribution on the entry submission form under “additional company credits”. No points shall be collected by these additional company credits for overall Festival’s awards.

10. Ads forming a series shall be entered and paid for separately (for a single entry), and each single entry judged separately. If you want a series to be judged as such (as one entry) and shown consecutively, you must tick the appropriate box in the entry form. A minimum of two advertisements in the same category are needed to form a series. A series or a single entry may receive an award.

11. Registration in the Multi Channel section is permitted for communication campaigns that comprise at least 2 (two) works and that employ at least 2 (two) different communication channels.

12. All entries must be submitted exactly as they were aired/published/implemented, and must not be modified for entry. If an entry is not in the English language, it must be translated/subtitled. The translation must be faithful to the original version.

13. It is the entrant’s responsibility to check and enter all the correct credits for an entry.
All credits in all Golden Drum publications will appear as stated in the entry. The Festival organiser reserves the right to correct obviously misplaced credits, spelling mistakes or inappropriate use of language, if necessary. Failure to enter the correct details, however, is the sole responsibility of the entrant.

14. All data regarding the authors of an individual entry shall be stated in the catalogue on the website www.goldendrum.com. The Festival’s organiser reserves the right to limit the number of authors to between 6 and 8, and to omit suffixes such as GmbH, Inc. and SA in the entrant's name for other announcements of competition results.

15. The entrant's company name from the entry form shall be the name under which all their entries are listed, and will appear on certificates if the entry is shortlisted and/or awarded. The entrant's company name, agency’s network name, brand name and campaign name from the entry form shall be taken into account in the calculation of awards presented on the basis of the Festival's points system.

16. The Festival organiser reserves the right to change the groups and categories selected by the entrants if they deem that the group or category chosen by the entrant is incorrect, and may move the entry into a more suitable group or category. Changes to groups and categories are only made inside an individual section.

17. All entries must have been created within the context of a normal paying contract with a client, except in the "charities" and "public services" categories.
The client must have paid for all the media costs or at least their majority.

18. Any entry that has been deemed in breach of any of the voluntary or regulatory codes of practice valid in the country of its origin by the relevant self-regulatory or regulatory body until the final date of judging shall be considered ineligible.
It is the entrant’s responsibility to withdraw an entry if a breach arises prior to judging and voting as well as the Golden Drum awards ceremony.

19. The Festival organiser may refuse entries that offend national or religious sentiments or public taste.

Judging & Awards

20. All registered entries shall be reviewed and judged by one of two international Juries, comprised especially for the Single Channel section and the Multi Channel section. The Juries may present a Grand Prix award in each of the 17 groups of entries, but they reserve the right to withhold one Grand Prix in each of the two sections. In the exceptional case of a major deviation in the quality of entries judged in more than one group, and with the consent of the Executive Director of the Golden Drum Festival, each Jury reserves the right to withhold the Grand Prix award in two groups from each section. The juries may also present Golden Drum and Silver Drum awards to the best entries in a category, but are not obliged to do so.

21. Entries submitted to the Social & charity categories, or deemed by their content to be social and charity-related entries, may not receive the Grand Prix award. However, all social and charity-related entries that receive a Golden Drum award shall be eligible to be judged by both Juries for the best Social & charity work and receive the Good Cause Grand Prix award. A recipient of this award receives 18 points. The Juries reserve the right to withhold this award.

22. Entries included on the shortlist and Silver Drum, Golden Drum and Grand Prix award recipients shall receive points as follows:
     15 points for a Grand Prix
     9 points for a Golden Drum
     5 points for a Silver Drum
     1 point for a finalist
     18 points for a Grand Prix in the group Q
     11 points for a Golden Drum in the group Q
     6 points for a Silver Drum in the group Q
     2 points for a finalist in the group Q
     18 points for Good Cause Grand Prix

23. The following awards shall be presented on the basis of the aforementioned points system: the Golden Rose for the entrant (advertising agency) that collects the most points; the Golden Net for the most successful advertising network on the basis of the points of all entrants that comprise the network in question; the Tartini Award for the most successful independent advertising agency that collects the most points; the Brand Grand Prix for the advertised brand that collects the most points; and the Golden Watch awarded to the Creative Director of the Campaign of the Year that collects the most points.

24. The Single Channel jury shall present special Virtuoso Awards for the Best Illustration, Best Photography and Best Cinematography in the Single Channel section. Virtuoso Awards do not receive points.

25. Intercontinental Advertising Cup – The CUP is the next step for finalists of Golden Drum 2014. Grand Prix and Golden Drum recipients shall be entered automatically, while all other shortlisted entries shall have the exclusive right to participate. The Festival organiser reserves the right to move entries into suitable ICAC competition groups and categories.

26. Festival winners have the right to use received awards for promotional purposes, with a proper description of the Festival or the award.

Other Rules

27. Any materials submitted as an entry in the competition become the property of the Festival organiser and will not be returned.

28. The entrant authorises the Festival organiser to present the entries at the Festival (exhibitions and projections) and on the Festival website www.goldendrum.com in the catalogue of entries. The entrant also authorises the Festival organiser to screen or publish the entries without prior consent of the entrant and without charge for the purpose of promoting the Festival. The aforementioned authorisation is given for the duration of the copyright, and may be used worldwide for the sole purpose of promoting the Golden Drum Festival.

29. The Festival reserves the right to request a full media schedule from each entrant company to verify the authenticity of the ad(s) in the event that the entry is shortlisted or a winner.

30. The Festival organiser may need to contact the client with relation to any entry at the request of the jury at any time during the voting process, should any questions about the implementation or presentation of the work arise.
In such cases, wherever possible, the entrant will be advised before this is done.

31. In the event of a complaint against any winning or shortlisted entry, the Festival organiser reserves the right to request detailed documentation from all parties concerned, including the complainant, the entrants and the client.

32. The Festival organiser shall not hesitate to withdraw an award in case a complaint is upheld.

33. A registered entry will not be considered complete until it has been paid for and the corresponding material arrives at the Festival office or is uploaded through Golden Drum online registration system. The Golden Drum does not accept responsibility for late entries.

34. Entry conditions must be strictly observed by all entrants. The completion and signature of the entry form imply the entrant's full acceptance of the Festival rules. Non-compliance with any of the competition rules results in an entry’s automatic disqualification.

35. Any decision made by the Festival organizers in any matter relating to the Golden Drum Festival is considered final and binding.