Groups & Categories



Online entry registration system is now open! Entry deadline: 19 August 2014. Extended entry deadline: 4 September 2014.

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Entries will compete in the following groups:

Single Channel 

Multi Channel

A. Film (television, cinema & online)
B. Press
C. Outdoor
D. Radio
E. Direct communication

F. Design of Brand & Corporate Identity
G. Digital
H. Mobile
N. New or innovative

Q. Integrated communication campaigns
R. Direct campaigns
S. Digital campaigns including Mobile campaigns
T. Branded content (New!)
U. Events
V. Public relations
W. Media (New!)
X. Innovative campaigns


Groups are further split into the following categories:

A. Film (television, cinema & online)

Category 01: Food (all foods, including pet food)
Category 02: Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
Category 03: Household maintenance (detergents, cleaning products, paints and adhesives, as well as services)
Category 04: Furnishings & electronic equipment (home & office furniture, carpets, fabrics, kitchen utensils, Hi-Fi, TVs, cameras, personal computers, etc.)
Category 05: Health, beauty & fashion (pharmacy, OTC, toiletries, beauty products and services, clothing, footwear incl. sport shoes, gloves, socks, luggage, hand bags and also hairdressers, watches, jewellery, perfume, writing instruments, sunglasses, leather goods)
Category 06: Automotive (cars and other vehicles, auto products and services)
Category 07: Transport, travel & tourism (taxi, railways, airlines, car rentals, driving schools, tourist agencies, hotels, resorts, etc.)
Category 08: Leisure, entertainment, culture & education (festivals, cinema, concerts, museums, schools, lottery, toys, sports equipment, etc.)
Category 09: Retail & public services (retail stores, chains, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, food delivery, public utilities providing water, gas, electricity and other services, etc.)
Category 10: Communication products & services (mobile operators, telecommunications, postal and courier services, Internet providers, yellow pages, mobile phones, etc.)
Category 11: Media (publications, TV stations, radio stations, media time and space)
Category 12: Financial & business services (financial & consultancy services, banking, credit cards, insurance, investments, stock exchange, etc.)
Category 13: Corporate advertising (advertising building a corporate image; including self promotion)
Category 14: Social & charity (public interest and awareness, environmental awareness, road safety, etc.)
Category 15: TV & Film Promo
Category 16: Online films
Category 17: Mobile films

B. Press

Category 18: Food
Category 19: Drinks
Category 20: Household maintenance
Category 21: Furnishings & electronic equipment
Category 22: Health, beauty & fashion
Category 23: Automotive
Category 24: Transport, travel & tourism
Category 25: Leisure, entertainment, culture & education
Category 26: Retail & public services
Category 27: Communication products & services
Category 28: Media
Category 29: Financial & business services
Category 30: Corporate advertising
Category 31: Social & charity

C. Outdoor

Category 32: Food
Category 33: Drinks
Category 34: Household maintenance
Category 35: Furnishings & electronic equipment
Category 36: Health, beauty & fashion
Category 37: Automotive
Category 38: Transport, travel & tourism
Category 39: Leisure, entertainment, culture & education
Category 40: Retail & public services
Category 41: Communication products & services
Category 42: Media
Category 43: Financial & business services
Category 44: Corporate advertising
Category 45: Social & charity

D. Radio

Category 46: Food
Category 47: Drinks
Category 48: Household maintenance
Category 49: Furnishings & electronic equipment
Category 50: Health, beauty & fashion
Category 51: Automotive
Category 52: Transport, travel & tourism
Category 53: Leisure, entertainment, culture & education
Category 54: Retail & public services
Category 55: Communication products & services
Category 56: Media
Category 57: Financial & business services
Category 58: Corporate advertising
Category 59: Social & charity

E. Direct communication

Category 60: Publications (catalogues, brochures, leaflets etc.)
Category 61: Flat direct mail and small print materials
Category 62: Multidimensional direct mail and small printed materials (including promotional gifts)
Category 63: Point of sale communication (wobblers, coasters, hangers, shelf decoration, in-store communication etc.)
Category 64: Packaging design – custom made
Category 65: Packaging design for mass produced goods and services

F. Design of Brand & Corporate Identity

Category 66: Visual identities (brand and corporate logotypes, branding and visual identity systems with at least three elements)
Category 67: Annual reports
Category 68: Calendars
Category 69: Business gifts (for Promotional gifts refer to category E62)

G. Digital

Category 70: Websites & micro sites (websites created for a company, brand, product, service, event or person, including microsites and landing pages)
Category 71: Social network & community (creative solutions for social networking and community sites)
Category 72: Banners and off site advertising (standard and rich media banners, widgets, tickers, etc.)
Category 73: Games (promotional games & gamevertising, not ads for games)
Category 74: Interactive tools and other digital solutions (screensavers, desktop widgets and tickers, e-mails, e-cards, SMS, MMS, etc.)

H. Mobile

Mobile group welcomes entries that are running on or are activated by a mobile device (the one that people use while on the go), mobile web or apps.

The entries will be judged as one section, no categories.

N. New or innovative

New or innovative group welcomes:
  • new, unique or creative uses of the media,
  • innovative communication forms or new media/platforms,
  • any breakthrough work that reaches beyond other groups and categories.
The entries will be judged as one section, no categories.

Q. Integrated communication campaigns

Integrated communication campaign stretches across all media, all communication and distribution channels. It represents a complete brand communication at its best.
The entries will be judged as one section, no categories.
R. Direct campaigns

Direct campaign uses direct communication to consumers (or to other businesses) as its main communication tool but combines it with other communication channels (digital, TV, etc.).
The entries will be judged as one section, no categories.
S. Digital campaigns including Mobile campaigns

Digital campaign uses more digital channels (sites and microsites, landing pages, social media, applications, location based services, etc.) to achieve its effect. Mobile campaign is built on or around mobile platforms (devices people use while on the go), mobile web or apps.
Offline elements can be included only if they interact with the digital parts of the campaign.
The entries will be judged as one section, no categories.

T. Branded content

The definition of Branded content is the creation of, or natural integration into, original content by a brand.

Category 75: Films & TV shows (shows, movies, movies incl. internet releases, series, documentaries, etc.)
Category 76: Online & mobile (websites, apps, social media, user-generated content platforms)
Category 77: Live experience (installations, events, music)
Category 78: Native advertising, brand integration, sponsorship & co-promotions
Category 79: Games (PC, console, online games, mobile apps / incl. competitions, sweepstakes, online challenges, quizzes, etc.)

U. Events

Category 80: Corporate events
Category 81: Brand/Product/Service promotion events
Category 82: Social and charity events

V. Public relations

Category 83: Internal communication (business to employee communication)
Category 84: Corporate PR (communication which builds the image of corporate brand, organization or corporation)
Category 85: Marketing PR (consumer goods: automotive, foods and beverage, fashion and beauty, household products etc. and services: healthcare services, transport, media, arts and entertainment, travel, tourism & leisure, retail, financial etc.)
Category 86: Sponsorship
Category 87: Change & crisis communication (communication which handles the consequences of a crisis or a change)
Category 88: Public engagement & participation (including government and political PR communication)
Category 89: Social responsibility
Category 90: Unconventional communication (buzz, guerrilla, etc.)

W. Media

The entries will be judged on a basis of understanding of the target audience, innovative implementation of the strategy and effective selection of media.

Category 91: Best media strategy
Category 92: Best use of the medium
Category 93: Best use of media platform (social media, crowdfunding, blogs, boards, photo & video sharing, etc.)
Category 94: Best use of integrated media

X. Innovative campaigns

Campaigns that open new spaces, create new kinds of interactions and set new standards for the communication industry. The entries will be judged as one section, no categories.

The festival organizers reserve the right to move the entry into more appropriate group or category (see Eligibility & Conditions, art. 14).