Alexander Vasylchenko

Alexander Vasylchenko web Chief Technology Officer, Grid Singularity, Austria & Ex-Chief Technology Officer, Mycelium, Luxemburg


Alexander Vasylchenko has a Doctorate in Philosophy. As Technology executive he plays an integral role in the company’s strategic direction, development, and future growth. For 3 years he was a Chief Technology Officer at Mycelium a leading startup in bitcoin industry. In 2015 took on new challenges at Grid Singularity, where as a CTO Alexander empowered the technical team for delivering blockchain tech solutions for energy market. This year he founded Sofitto a FinTech startup merging Blockchain technology into conventional banking card products. Sofittos banking cards with integrated store of value enable hyper secure data management with zero knowledge about Data and no transaction costs. The transactions history is stored in Blockchain providing unprecedented automation and scalability.

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