Bojan Hadzihalilović

Bojan small crop Creative Director, Fabrika, Bosnia and Herzegovina


20 years ago Bojan Hadzihalilović was one of the founders of Design Studio TRIO Sarajevo. In the beginning the Studio was involved in records, news magazines, theater and film posters, books design.

After the war the Group established the Agency Fabrika-Sarajevo that has been engaged in design, computer graphics, TV animation, TV spots production and marketing communication....

The works of the Trio Group and Agency Fabrika have been publicied in the following magazines: Graphis", "Print" , "How", "Step inside Design" "Life" "Newsweek, "The Face”,” Creative Review, "Art Press, "Print, "Flash Art",… as well as in publications “Anatomy of Design”, “Innovative Promotions at Work”, “The Design of Dissent”, “Graphic Agitation II”, Evil doesn’t live Here”, “Political posters in Central and Eastern Europe 45-95”, “Bound les Borders”…

Bojan Hadzihalilović, teaches visual communication and he is head of the Department for Graphic Design at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

»Neureka« - Neuro in the creative process

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