Savina Atai

Savina Atai photo web1 International Face Yoga expert and diagnostic, Slovenia


International Face Yoga expert, author of several bestsellers and specialist for hormone system regeneration has helped thousands of people to recover from exhaustion and to regain their optimal physical and psychical shape and to learn to become resistible to stress.

Exploring ancient medicine and metaphysics followed her since she was a baby; she spent her whole childhood and youth beside the greatest experts. Later on she merged jewels of Taoism and yoga with modern medicine, connected with global authorities from the fields of rehabilitation, nutrition and rejuvenation and dedicated her time to development of systems for achieving great results in a simple and practical way.

Thread of her researches is switching on so called “golden hormones” in epiphysis and pituitary due to which every cell in our body acquire strength and fuel for recovery.

Turning off the burn-out switch turning on the creativity power plant and stress protection

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