Tamara Lah Momčilović

Tamara Lah Momcilovic web Managing Director and Partner, Infinum, Slovenia


Tamara Lah Momčilović is Managing Director of the Slovenian branch of the Croatian IT company Infinum with headquarters in Zagreb.

Mostly she deals with the management of the company and new business opportunities, but is still actively involved also on the fields of software and mobile development, both technical and UX/design related and by that co-leading the company's core business orientation.

Her main focus is the creation of advanced digital solutions through a variety of communication channels for companies who want to be a step forward.

With her experience, consulting skills and willingness to exchange the knowledge on trends and new technologies in the field of development and digital marketing on different conferences and through events (for more than 4 years it is also the organiser of Mobile Monday events Slovenia and Android Meetups Slovenia), lectures, mentorships etc, she is also leaving an important impact on state of businesses in the digital ecosystem.

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