Teodora Migdalovici

TeoM small International Public Speaker, Coach, Founder of The Alternative School, Romania


Teo Migdalovici is an international public speaker and trainer, having attended over the past 17 years major worldwide events related to the marketing and communication industry, with remarkable results.

She has spoken on emotional intelligence, has trained creative people on their way to win Cannes Lions trophies and has shared her view of the industry’s future on global stages in Singapore, Paris, London, Lisbon, Zagreb, Belgrade, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Mauritius and Rovinj.

Behind the scenes, she is a creative thinker, brand therapist, an awarded author, a personal branding strategist at MEALCHEMY.COM and the founder of The Alternative School, one of the most successful Creative MBAs in Eastern Europe, with several Gold Lions in the portfolio.

Brand Leadership Award, Global Super Achiever Award, Private Diplomacy Award, European Excellence Award, Stevie Award, Silver for the Most Passionate Cannes Lions Ambassador, Media Personality of the Year, the Award for Education and Dragan Sakan Award are only a few of the distinctions associated with her books, research or educational projects, but also with her diplomatic activities in the service of regional creativity abroad.

Under “Love and Lobby” – a platform that she likes to call a private Foreign Affairs Ministry – she is developing efficient lobby projects for places bearing the unfair stigma of clichés or for hot, controversial topics such as women in advertising.

The latest “Love and Lobby” performance was the launch of Ladies First, a project that started as a catalyst for the selection of the first Romanian creative woman in the famous “See it, Be it” career accelerator launched by Cannes Lions.

Eventually, in the making, Ladies First became a well-curated chart of local creativity, serving as a contemporary cliché-fighter in the benefit of Romania’s reputation abroad.

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