18th Golden Drum: Back to School

05. September 2011

Don’t miss, September 6, the last day of Early Bird’s discount for personal participation at this year’s Golden Drum! And check out the special discounts for participants who will stay in St. Bernardin Resort (Grand Hotel Bernardin, Histrion Hotel and Villas Park) for three nights or more. For details, please contact Mrs. Snežana Felluga at booking@bernardingroup.si.

Presenting top communication experts who will share their unique experiences, combined with academic knowledge and give advice about solving real life business issues. 

Panel moderated by:

Michael Conrad
Berlin School President  

The Berlin School
Debate: Creative Leadership for Creative Excellence

Panel guests:
Adrian Botan, Creative Partner, McCann Romania
Lucia Tarbajovská
, Brand Academy
Uros Goričan, Saatchi & Saatchi, Slovenia

Crafting a clear, competitive leadership strategy is no easy task. If done effectively however, it can increase your company's chances for success and help you establish a distinct competitive advantage in your industry. Join Berlin School President, Michael Conrad for a special debate ...

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Micky Denehy
Founding Principal of EACA International School

“How to pitch better and win more often”

The speech looks at the critical importance of separating and understanding the difference between Pitch Content (What you say) and Pitch Strategy (How you say it). Micky will look at examples how agencies (and other pitching organisations) can win more often if they focus more on the key elements involved in developing a winning Pitch Strategy and he will give lots of tips on pitching better.

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Pär Lager
CEO of Berghs School of Communication

Tomorrow's creatives – what inspires and motivates them?

Finding talent is the key to having a successful agency. Berghs School of Communication-awarded school of the year two years in row at Cannes Lions – gives you a sneak peak at the creatives of tomorrow. How is the creative of tomorrow different from the ones that rule the industry today? What inspires them, what motivates them?

Steve Henry
Creative Consultant

Breaking the rules

Peter Mead: "Creativity is the only unfair legal advantage a business can use". Providing new solutions. The value of unpredictability in football. Competitive context for clients - horrific. Mistake is to think "safe" is "safe". Return on Investment for traditional marketing in the UK. Most advertising is a scandalous waste of money. Most work doesn't work. "The good is the enemy of the great" - Frank Lowe.

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