18th Golden Drum: Trends and Inspirations

13. September 2011

Golden Drum is and remains a herald of new ideas and shaper of new movements. See and hear what a Journalist, a Teacher and a Creative Director have to tell about it.

Will Sansom
Writer and Consultant for Contagious Communications

Next-Level Engagement: A Contagious Trend Briefing

Digital technology is the great leveller. Now, consumers can research, share, celebrate and complain about every single element of a brand online. Join Will Sansom to see which brands are successfully navigating this challenging landscape and explore the most successful future-facing marketing strategies redefining the industry.


Peter Kamstedt
Program Director, Berghs School of Communication, Sweden

Tomorrow's creatives – what inspires and motivates them?

Finding talent is key to having a successful agency. Berghs School of Communication-awarded school of the year two years in row at Cannes Lions – gives you a sneak peak at the creative of tomorrow. How is the creative of tomorrow different from the ones that rule the industry today? What inspires them, what motivates them?


Igor Arih
Creative Director and Owner, Arih d.o.o.

Music - inspiration for every business

In relation to one of the leading themes in Igor’s book Dinamične komunikacije (Dynamic Communications), his lecture will explore how in the 1950’s, Rock ‘n’ Roll initiated globalization as we know it today and how music fell into a great crisis with the emergence of internet.


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