GD Column 2012/5

01. April 2012

Digital Advertising should be useful. Real useful. It should exist in the real world and it should add value to your customers’ lives. The next Golden Drum Column this time by Bren O'Flaherty.

The Real World of Digital Advertising, by Bren O'Flaherty

I sent my first email back in 1996. That’s when the digital age began for me. Email is dull now.

In fact it’s torturous. Ask anyone who has been on holiday for more than a week.

We now live in a post digital age. And pretty much everything in our lives is digital. Your phone. Your cooker. Your car. Even the games your kids play.

All these things have a purpose. They are useful or entertaining.

And that’s the reality of digital.

The same should be true of Digital Advertising.


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