Entering the Golden Drum Competition you have a chance to win one of the following awards:

Grand Prix
award for the best Film, Press, Outdoor, Radio, Direct communication, Design of Brand & Corporate Identity, Digital, Mobile, New or innovative, Integrated communication campaigns, Direct campaigns, Digital campaigns, Mobile campaigns, Events, Public relations and Innovative campaigns.

New: Grand Prix awards will this year be considered as a stand-alone prize awarded to the best, outstanding work in a Group. This replaces the past practice of awarding both Grand Prix and the Golden Drum award to the best entry in a group.

Golden Drum
award for the winning entry in a category.

Silver Drum award for the second best entry in a category.

Golden Rose award for the entrant (advertising agency) that collects the most points.

Tartini Award
for the most successful independent advertising agency that collects the most points.

Golden Net
award for the most successful advertising network on the basis of the points of all entrants that comprise the network in question.

Brand Grand Prix award for the advertised brand that collects the most points.

Special awards

Virtuoso Awards
Single Channel jury shall nominate a maximum of three entries from those included on the shortlist in the Single Channel Section to receive the following special Virtuoso Awards:
  • Best Illustration for author of best illustration
  • Best Photography for author of best photography
  • Best Cinematography for director of photography of the best film clip
Golden Watch Award
Golden Watch award is one of our special awards that will this year be presented to the Creative Director of the best Campaign of the Year which collects most points in the Golden Drum Competition 2013. The winner will be awarded with the title of the Best Creative Director of Golden Drum 2013, thus celebrating the overall winner for her or his achievements.

Virtuoso Awards and Golden Watch Award do not receive points.


Entrants receive points for each short-listed or awarded entry according to the following key:

Grand Prix 15
Golden Drum   9
Silver Drum                   5 points
Finalist 1 point
Grand Prix in group Q 18 points
Golden Drum in group Q 11 points
Silver Drum in group Q 6 points
Finalist in group Q 2 points