Fees & Payment


Entry Fees 2013

Golden Drum 2013 registration of entries is closed! Call for entries 2014 will be announced in June 2014.

To order a duplicate of your 2013 Golden Drum Award or Diploma, please send us your request to info@goldendrum.com.

Net price

Price with tax (22%) included

Golden Drum 2013 Diploma duplicate

49,18 €

60,00 €

Silver Drum 2013 Award duplicate

245,90 €

300,00 €

Golden Drum 2013 Award duplicate

286,88 €

350,00 €

Golden Drum Grand Prix 2013 Award duplicate

368,85 €

450,00 €

All fees are in Euros (EUR).


The following VAT rules apply for entry fees in 2013 and are in accordance with the Slovenian / EU rules and regulations on VAT:
a)     VAT to be charged to all Slovenian legal persons and individuals.
b)     VAT reverse charge procedure under Article 44 of VAT Directive for taxable person from EU having VAT identification
        number or taxable person from a third country possessing confirmation of being an economic operator.
c)     VAT charged under Article 45 of VAT Directive for non-taxable person from EU or a third country.  

For further information, please contact your financial department.

Payment details

Our details for your bank:

Slovenska oglaševalska zbornica (SOZ)
Slovenian Advertising Chamber
Letališka cesta 35 (new address!)
1000 Ljubljana
ID for VAT: SI12850730 

  1. Beneficiary's name: Slovenska oglaševalska zbornica
  2. Beneficiary's full address: Letališka cesta 35, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  3. Beneficiary's account number & bank code - IBAN: SI56 1010 0004 9546 334
  4. Beneficiary's bank & address: Banka Koper, Pristaniška 14, 6502 Koper, Slovenia
  5. Swift code: BAKOSI2X

NOTE: Please ensure you cover all bank charges; otherwise your registration(s) will not be processed.

We will charge any credit card payment with 2,3 % on the total amount that we will be passing on to entrants.

Download Credit Card Payment Form