Ivan Stanković

Ivan Stankovic photo web Founder, Communis, Serbia


Ivan Stanković (1955) has been in advertising business since 1979, when he finished University for Economics in Belgrade, Serbia. He worked in several advertising companies and in 1990 he opened with a colleague first international agency Saatchi & Saatchi, which left very significant mark in this area and became generic name for the modern advertising. In the next two years the company expanded and in 1992 spread on the whole territory of ex-Yugoslavia, opening agencies in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia as well as in Bulgaria and Albania.

He is considered to be a pioneer of new approach on 'how to run the agency' and has been lecturer for some years on top trainings and seminars for Agency Directors and Managers, on global level – in USA, France, Spain and Germany. His Agency has been gradually developing in the last years and in 1998 it reached the top, when it was announced to be the best agency in Central and Eastern Europe in Golden Drum Festival in Portorož.

In the year 2002 Mr. Stankovic established communication group which includes Advertising agency Communis DDB and media agency Media S. Communis has offices in Serbia, Bosnia and Monte Negro, Media S in those countries too, plus in Bulgaria. His Agency was awarded with numerous domestic and international awards and he was selected as Marketing Person of the Year in 2005 and Life Achievement Award for Communication. He wrote communication bestseller How-To-Logy. Teaches at Belgrade University. Lives and works in Belgrade.

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