Logo and design

When a completely ordinary tuna soars into the sky on the wings of inspiration

Luna TBWA team visited the streets of Ljubljana and found inspiration for the corporate visual identity of the 23rd Golden Drum, which will present the International Festival of Creativity in a new and completely different light. They borrowed the wings from the famous Ljubljana dragon and, by turning them into a symbol of inspiration, creativity, and success, proved that even a completely ordinary tuna can soar into the sky on the wings of inspiration.

The slogan of this year’s 23rd Golden Drum is Inspired to inspire. Inspiration will definitely be in ample supply and you will be able to find it in this year’s location as well as in the new skills, opportunities, and competition.

The Inspiring Location
Discover creativity high above the city. The charming castle setting offers a breath-taking view on one of the most beautiful capitals at the moment.

The Inspiring Skills
Listen to the world’s top creatives, learn about best practices and the most inspiring examples from all around the world, and go home a smarter person.

The Inspiring Opportunities
Build contacts with representatives of advertising firms and clients to open new doors for your career or business. If this is not your cup of tea, you can also come just to have some fun. There will be no lack of opportunities to have fun.

The Inspiring Competition
Choose your favourite pieces and compete against the best agencies in the region. Don’t hesitate – reach for the gold and sign up your work and yourself today!