Google Art, Copy & Code: Create the Future

Jess Greenwood, Creative Partnerships Lead, Google

A very wise man once said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Google's Art, Copy & Code team is a small group of creative technologists, strategists and designers working at the intersection of Google's marketing and engineering teams, to create new ways for brands to connect with consumers. With each brand partnershi...


YouTube The Digitoral Era: Re-inventing the story

Mailine Swildens, Head of the ZOO: Google’s Creative Services Team, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Google/YouTube

The 'Digitoral Era' is about re-inventing the way we build narratives for people in a convergent world. This session will show why we need to re-think the structure and content of the stories we create. What are the key elements that help build engagement with our audience? How can we learn from YouTube's passionate creative community how to create...


240 Years of Happy

Bernhard Kerres, Founder/CEO, Hello Stage

What Pharrell Williams attempted for 24 hours, classical music has been achieving for over 240 years - making people happy. Music is the only form of communication directly touching emotions. Touching the emotions of customers is the dream of any marketer and advertiser.  Bernhard Kerres will guide through the hottest classical music content,...


Putting Sherlock in your Pocket

David Varela, Writer and Producer, UK

In this session, writer David Varela talks about the process of working with Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to create the chart-topping iOS and Android adventure, Sherlock: The Network. The all-new story was developed with the TV show’s creators and involved shooting original scenes and audio with the core ca...