Opening Speech by Agency of the Year 2013

Dušan Drakalski, Regional Creative Director, New Moment New Ideas Company, Macedonia


Google Art, Copy & Code: Create the Future

Mike Glaser, Marketing Lead, Google Creative Partnerships

A very wise man once said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Google's Art, Copy & Code team is a small group of creative technologists, strategists and designers working at the intersection of Google's marketing and engineering teams, to create new ways for brands to connect with consumers. With each brand partnershi...


240 Years of Happy

Bernhard Kerres, Founder & CEO, HELLO STAGE

What Pharrell Williams attempted for 24 hours, classical music has been achieving for over 240 years - making people happy. Music is the only form of communication directly touching emotions. Touching the emotions of customers is the dream of any marketer and advertiser.  Bernhard Kerres will guide through the hottest classical music content,...


YouTube The Digitoral Era: Re-inventing the story

Mailine Swildens, Head of Creative Services, YouTube & Google Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa

The 'Digitoral Era' is about re-inventing the way we build narratives for people in a convergent world. This session will show why we need to re-think the structure and content of the stories we create. What are the key elements that help build engagement with our audience? How can we learn from YouTube's passionate creative community how to create...


Creative Academy by DDB: Breaking the bubble with creativity

David Sandström, CEO, DDB Stockholm

The digital age has put many consumers in an information bubble. Everything we see and hear is pre-planned according to our preferences and behaviours. Nothing we see is coincidental. In many ways the entire digital landscape is cut out for us. David will talk about how DDB Stockholm works with creativity to challenge that bubble and...


Content Academy: Putting Sherlock in your Pocket

David Varela, Writer & Producer, UK

In this session, writer David Varela talks about the process of working with Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to create the chart-topping iOS and Android adventure, Sherlock: The Network. The all-new story was developed with the TV show’s creators and involved shooting original scenes and audio with the core ca...


Creatives' Life Experience: Remember it’s all a game

Cătălin Dobre, Executive Creative Director, McCann Bucharest

A speech about not taking yourself too seriously as the key to accomplishing great things.


PR Academy by MSLGROUP: The art of data driven influential storytelling

Sebastian Hejnowski, CEO, MSLGROUP, Poland

The evolving digital sphere delivers new paths to influence each day. No matter the audience – average consumer, key stakeholders, media or employees – a meaningful story must be told to engage and inspire. Let’s discuss how to effectively integrate big data insight into the creative process to shape and curate stories and conversations that ...


Golden Drum Premiere Award Ceremony

At the Golden Drum Premiere Award Ceremony the Silver Drum, Golden Drum and Grand Prix Awards will be presented to winners in Groups: D. Radio (Single) G. Digital (Single) H. Mobile (Single) N. New or innovative (Single) S. Digital campaigns including Mobile campaigns (Multi) T. Branded content (Multi) R. Direct campaigns (...


Golden Drum Opening Party

Relive the good old times (or at least the bits you remember)! Move your feet to the hits from the past & make friendships for the future.


EACA Advertising Masterclass: Building Loyalty beyond Reason

Micky Denehy, Founding Principal, EACA - European Association of Communications Agencies

My talk is about “Building Emotional Connections between Consumers and Brands to create Loyalty beyond Reason”. During My talk I will look at examples of brands that have built their commercial success on the strength of their emotional connections with consumers. I will explore the research that helps explain how these connections work as wel...


Introduction to "A Day of Creative Life in Brazil"

Golden Drum Festival started in 1994 with a simple idea of bringing together creatives from different countries to one place – Piran & Portorož, Slovenia. Key premise of the Festival since then is to celebrate »genius loci«, the spirit of the place. This place, Golden Drum, provides for and is well-known to offer great learning experience ...


Brazilian Panel #1: Advertising and Pop Culture in Brazil

Eiji Kozaka Cavalcanti, Creative Director, WMcCann, São Paulo

The purpose of this presentation is to show how advertising is present in the Brazilian’s life. In a country with a mass media vehicle reaching millions of viewers every day, TV created the conditions and the perfect environment for advertisers to immortalize their characters, stories and catchphrases, changing the way our society behaves and ex...


Insights which make a difference, not just make sense

Ravid Kuperberg, Partner, Mindscapes

The majority of the most creative and effective award winning campaigns are based on game changing insights. Yet, uncovering a truly powerful insight is one of the hardest tasks in marketing and advertising. This seminar suggests a unique way of defining an insight: as a process and not a single moment of revelation. It then presents a set of pr...


Brazilian Panel #2: Brazilian Creativity and Legacy

Roberto Vilhena, Chief Creative Officer, Artplan Group

Creativity is not about opinion. It’s more about studying the past, about knowing, recognizing and establishing quality parameters. Apparently, this does not sound so good, but how could it be possible to push the boundaries without knowing exactly the extension of these boundaries? How do we build the future without understanding the p...


Kicking Up a Commotion: How Emotion Trumps Cognition in Communication

John Kearon, Chief Juicer & Founder, BrainJuicer Group PLC

Revolutionising Adland; The 21st Largest Economy in the World Left-Right Thinking to Feeling Fast-&-Slow Triangle of Plausibility; Politically Acceptable, Commercially Wrong Feel nothing, do nothing. Feel lots, buy lots. Seduction Trumps Persuasion in Famous 5-Star Advertising


Workshop on Storytelling: Strategic Storytelling

Warwick Cairns, Consultant Strategist, The Effectiveness Partnership

A 90-minute workshop that shows you how to take the successful elements of storytelling and use them to your advantage to create better, more persuasive and compelling documents and presentations. It explores what to put in - and what to leave out. How to structure your story to keep the attention of your audience. How to grab attention at the star...


Brazilian Panel #3: The Ingredients of a Brazilian Art Director

Pedro Rosa, Senior Art Director, Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo

The speech is going analyse how Brazilian Creativity in different fields affected the choice of the speaker to became an Advertising Art Director. It will relate Architecture, Art and Advertising and will give a little taste of Brazilian campaigns which have inspired the speaker in his life and work as an Art Director.


Brazilian Panel #4: From Chaos to Cool

Ricardo Wolff, Global Creative Director, BBDO Berlin

Brazil is a young country almost the size of Europe. From the "Oiapoque to the Chui" we’re a mixed bag of indigenous tribes, descendants from African slaves and European immigrants. A total mess. Yet somehow we gave birth to Tarsila do Amaral, Bossa Nova, Feijoada, Mané Garrincha and a series of Cannes Grand Prix. What is it that makes this land...


New Agenda Session: Anti-Procrustean approach to corporate innovation

Dan Toma, Senior Innovation & Product Manager, Deutsche Telekom AG

Valiant efforts have been made by F500 corporations to adopt agile and lean methodologies - the majority of them failed not so gracefully - and the sole reason was that they haven’t taken the time to adapt the organization to the method but on the contrary they adapted the method to the organizations. In our work, The Corporate Startup, we are l...


Branding Academy

Katerina Kondratenko, Marketing Director Chocolate, Nestle Russia LLC
Ekaterina Lavrova, PR Director, Depot WPF
Frank Swolfs, CEO at STRATMoRE & President at European Packaging Design Association

Creating long-term sustainable partnership with multinationals. Nowadays. Changing environment externally and internally for big multinationals How to ensure business model sustainability in a new reality What multinationals lack to face new reality and how agencies can help us From agency to partner. Common path to success. Speaker: Katerina K...


Creative Academy by Leo Burnett: From Apathy to Unity

Anja Radulović, Creative Director, Leo Burnett, Belgrade

There was a unique, collective creative spirit that once marked the protests in Serbia. People were drumming on all sorts of objects every evening to silence the national news. Students occupied one street and turned it into a peaceful, yet relentless Blue Cordon discotheque. That is the spirit that should be felt in our advertising. But, like in m...


Google Workshop: Art, Copy & Code: Calling All Makers

Mike Glaser, Marketing Lead, Google Creative Partnerships

Google's Art, Copy & Code team is a group of creative technologists, strategists and designers working at the intersection of Google's marketing and engineering teams, to create new ways for brands to connect with consumers. In this in-depth workshop, we’re going to be giving you a full immersion into the strategic insights, creative process ...


Truth Central: McCann Workshop: The Truth About Time Warps

Adrian Boțan, VP Creative Excellence, McCann CEE and Creative Partner, McCann Bucharest
Rodney Collins, PhD, EMEA Regional Director - Truth Central, McCann WorldGroup

Committed to harnessing truth to pioneer transformation for brands, in The Truth About Time Warps, McCann Truth Central explores the universal human truth that views time as our ultimate enemy. Whether your audience is moms on-the-go, always-on youth, or affluent consumers who are willing to trade money for time, the perpetual battle with time prov...


EACA Advertising Masterclass: An alternative look at content

Richard Stacy, Social Media Consultant

This workshop looks at why it is most brands are wasting a huge amount of time and resources producing 'brandfill' - content that no-one wants and which creates almost no value for the brands producing it. The workshop also identifies what consumers really want from brands in the social digital space and why content can never play a significant ...


New Agenda: Branded Content: Has social media changed the world of creative excellence?

Johan Jervøe, Group Chief Marketing Officer, UBS AG

Has social media changed the world of creative excellence? Find out in New Agenda: Branded Content with Johan Jervøe, Group Chief Marketing Officer, UBS AG.


New Agenda: Branded Content: A glimpse into the future of branded content marketing

Justin Kirby, VP/Strategic Content Marketing, Tenthwave Digital LLC

Over the last year, Justin has been asking a diverse group of marketing experts from around the world what they think will be different about branded content in five years’ time and what they think will remain the same. The responses have ranged from 140-character slogans to novel-length epics, which Justin collated in a report published earlier...


EACA Advertising Masterclass: Purpose Driven Brand Communications

Paul Arnold, Founding Partner and Consultant, Paul Arnold Consulting, UK

From conscience driven brands such as Toms shoes, up to the mighty ‘Hydra’ like corporations of Proctor & Gamble and Unilever, there is a cultural shift towards brands playing a more purposeful role in society. This talk will explore the driving forces for this, how some brands have already reacted, and what you should be doing now to not ...


Lucky When You’re Happy

Folker Wrage, Founder & Owner Wrage/Antwort

The equation is simple. When people in your company are happy, they do better work. And when your people do better work, your company is more successful. Still – happiness continues to be a rare thing to be witnessed at the workplace. Why? What keeps us from being happy? What keeps bosses from making people happy? Find out why happiness is as pos...


Sochi after Sochi: Digital strategy behind the Sochi-2014

Alexander Chizhikov, Head of strategy, Articul Media

How to win the consumer attention in the digital age? We invite you to gain inspiration from the world’s biggest “digital campaign” - first ever “digital” winter Olympics. We’ll sneak behind the Olympic scenes to and uncover major “learnings” we’ve got from planning and executing the Sochi-2014 digital experience.


Sochi after Sochi : Sochi 2014: Moment of truth for New Media and Trends

Stella Svyatskaya, 360° Senior Manager, OMD OM Group, Moscow, Russia

An expert assessment of trends and new media implementation in Sochi 2014: how Sochi Olympics recruited new media and how global brands succeeded in combining new technologies, advertising, and high media coverage, and adapted their campaigns for the local market.


Golden Drum Finale Award Ceremony

Golden Drum Finale Award Ceremony will be the last awards act of the Golden Drum Competition 2014, as the Silver Drum, Golden Drum and Grand Prix Awards will be presented to winners in Groups: A. Film (Single) B. Press (Single) C. Outdoor (Single) E. Direct communication (Single) F. Design of Brand & Corporate Identi...


Golden Drum Closing Party

Feetstomping extravaganza to close yet another great Golden Drum supported by the playful rhythms of DJ Janush and unique live VJ-ing that will put your face on our screens.


Golden Drummers Get Together Lounge Bar

Set the tone of the festival and get used to the relaxing athmosphere of the worlds most chilled out advertising event.


Irregular Hungarian Party

We Hungarians are different. We live in a different way. We pay attention to different things. Leave the ordinary behind. Old-school is the new modern.